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How to Select a Voice Over Artist for Your Brand

Posted on August 15th, 2017 by patricia

Voice-Over-ArtistWhether you are a large corporation or a small business on its way to become a large corporation, the Voice Over Artist you pick up to incarnate your brand is a crucial element in your marketing strategy.

The right Voice Over Artist will create an emotional, profound and lasting connection between your brand and your customers. Below are 6 tips to help you select the perfect voice over artist for your brand.


  1. Identify what are the emotions associated with your brand and list them

    The specific emotional impact of your brand will depend on the products you are representing. For example, if your company is developing medical solutions, you will be wanting to project a combination of competence, efficiency, and compassion for the patients. On the contrary, if your company focuses on fashion for trendy teenagers, you will be looking for a hip, enthusiastic voice or voices, probably with a sexy tang to it.

  2. Opt for a male or female voice over artist

    Now, this is a difficult decision to make. A relatively reliable rule of thumb is to select the gender of your voice over to match the gender of the largest section of your customers. In other words, best choose a male voice over artist if the majority of your customers are guys and a female voice over artist if the largest segment of your customers is composed of women or girls.
    In some cases though, there are no such clear cut definers, which is when it becomes important to assess the values typically associated with gendered voices and how those fit with your products.
    “Men’s voices are associated with neutrality, with authoritative, factual information,” explains Arthur Chu, a Cleveland-based artist who’s done voice-over work for brands like Safeway and Intel. “The voiceover you want for some kind of authoritative instructional video, or something asserting dry historical fact, is going to be that baritone, somewhat monotone, slightly stern voice.”
    This means that for products related to technology or highly mechanical products, a male voice over artist would be a logical choice unless you are looking to achieve some paradoxical effect.
    Female voices typically carry more intimate, warm, comforting and emotional overtones. For more detailed information, we highly recommend these researches by  Phil McAleer or the University of Sheffield study or the 2010 Harris Interactive poll, as the gut reaction to voices evolves far slower than technology .

  3. Check the portfolio of the voice over artists you preselected

A professional voice over artist should be in a position to provide you with a selection of excerpts of previous works. This will give you the opportunity to both hear the voice over artist’s performance for previous clients and, if applicable, see if the target audience corresponding to these recording matches your market.

  1. Run some tests with your target demographic

    The importance of these test will largely depend on the intended reach of your campaign. The largest the reach, the most thorough the pre-recording tests. These tests should aim both at selecting the voice over artist, or artists if necessary and at determining if a storytelling or a presenting style is most effective.

  2. Beware of the accent

    Whilst a neutral American or British English might be appropriate for a large audience, it might be preferable to choose a local accent either to create a stronger identification with a local target audience, or to create a strong connection between a local product and the surrounding folklore.

  3. Think long term

    Your brand is meant to last for a long time, and so should its voice. When selecting the voice over artist who will be the voice of your brand, it is essential to ensure that your short-list includes only professional voice-over artists, as there are many dilettantes monetizing their voices whilst waiting for a “real job” and those will turn down further recording as their new full-time job will not enable them the necessary time to go to the studio for the recording sessions.

These are the main elements in selecting a voice over artist for your corporate communications. To ensure both professionalism and continuity, you should opt for a professional recording studio. Not only will those have a rich catalog of voice over artists who they work with regularly and who they can vouch for, they will also supervise the recording, edit the video to incorporate the voice and adapt the written material included in the video as well.







Are you ready to present your productions at MIP in October?

Posted on August 6th, 2017 by patricia

As any professional entertainment audio-visual material knows, the MIP is a unique occasion to meet the main deciders in the broadcasting world and find buyers for the series, movies, documentaries, reality TV, animation and all other forms of video production aimed at the general public.
The key to turning your visit to MIP into a resounding success is preparation.
So, what are the most efficient steps to prepare for MIP

1. Select the channels most likely to be interested in your production
This goes without saying but it is best to keep in mind that blasting emails to all participants to request a meeting is likely to end up as a considerable waste of time with little benefit.

2. Identify the relevant contact within the selected channels and contact them. Sending targeted requests for meeting makes it easier to send personalized emails and to follow up on answers, or lack of thereof. Picking up the phone and calling these select contacts a day or two after sending the email if they have not answered and mention the email in the conversation. This almost guarantees you will receive an answer.

3. In parallel to scheduling meetings, preparing demos to show during these meetings is crucial to turning these hard earned meetings into opening a broadcasting channel for your production.

4. As MIP is the occasion to export your productions to an audience speaking a language other than the language you use, preparing a demo already dubbed or subtitled into the target language will greatly help you close a deal with these foreign market. Depending on your budget, you can opt to dub or subtitle an entire episode or a mere 5 to 10 minutes sample. Deciding whether it is best to create a subtitled sample or a dubbed sample should depend only upon the cultural habits of the target country.Target countries decision to opt for dubbing, subtitling or lectoring is rooted in complex historical reasons that defy logic and are best not questioned.

Contact us today if you need help in localizing your production before MIP. We can provide you with narration, voice over, dubbing, lecturing and even lip sync in over 50 languages.

Voice Over Talents’ time has come!

Posted on August 1st, 2017 by patricia

Voice Over TalentAs a Voice Over talent, lacking graphic design gifts, surely you have been looking with envy at all these gif images that now populate any self-respecting social media platform.

Yet, Voice Over Talents toolkits do not include the necessary skills to create memorable gifs likely to get viral…

But never despair! The future is bright for you. Or even the present, as Shabaam just published an app tailored for all frustrated voice over talents. An app that gives a voice to gif images. There is where you can shine!

Though you might have to think about publishing your voice gif image in more than one language. Unlike words, images are easily understandable in any language. So, maybe this is the time for Voice Over Talents to polish their skills in speaking many languages and apply their skills at impersonating others to becoming others themselves 🙂

Anyway, seriously now, the way it works is actually quite simple.

Step 1

Simply browse through thousands of gif images and pick up those that take your fancy.

Step 2

Activate your creativity and come up with something witty, hilarious, creepy, weepy, cheesy or downright terrifying to say and record it in your own voice straight in the app.

Step 3

Share wide and large

Voice Over Talent App Gif 3 Voice Over Talent App Gif 3  Voice Over Talent App Gif 2

So, whoever you are and wherever you are, as long as you are a Voice Over Talent, go and gif loud and clear!