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Are you ready to present your productions at MIP in October?

Posted on August 6th, 2017 by patricia

As any professional entertainment audio-visual material knows, the MIP is a unique occasion to meet the main deciders in the broadcasting world and find buyers for the series, movies, documentaries, reality TV, animation and all other forms of video production aimed at the general public.
The key to turning your visit to MIP into a resounding success is preparation.
So, what are the most efficient steps to prepare for MIP

1. Select the channels most likely to be interested in your production
This goes without saying but it is best to keep in mind that blasting emails to all participants to request a meeting is likely to end up as a considerable waste of time with little benefit.

2. Identify the relevant contact within the selected channels and contact them. Sending targeted requests for meeting makes it easier to send personalized emails and to follow up on answers, or lack of thereof. Picking up the phone and calling these select contacts a day or two after sending the email if they have not answered and mention the email in the conversation. This almost guarantees you will receive an answer.

3. In parallel to scheduling meetings, preparing demos to show during these meetings is crucial to turning these hard earned meetings into opening a broadcasting channel for your production.

4. As MIP is the occasion to export your productions to an audience speaking a language other than the language you use, preparing a demo already dubbed or subtitled into the target language will greatly help you close a deal with these foreign market. Depending on your budget, you can opt to dub or subtitle an entire episode or a mere 5 to 10 minutes sample. Deciding whether it is best to create a subtitled sample or a dubbed sample should depend only upon the cultural habits of the target country.Target countries decision to opt for dubbing, subtitling or lectoring is rooted in complex historical reasons that defy logic and are best not questioned.

Contact us today if you need help in localizing your production before MIP. We can provide you with narration, voice over, dubbing, lecturing and even lip sync in over 50 languages.