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When is Choosing a Voice Actor Online the Best Option for Your Project?

Posted on February 6th, 2018 by patricia

Voice Actor OnlineVoice actor online is a profession with increasing competition, thanks to the growing ease of building a home recording studio. This translate into lower costs and thus lower rates.

For one-off, small, low budget projects, with a single actor or maybe two, in a single language, this might indeed be your best option. Yet, when it comes to a larger casts, long-term or to multilingual projects, managing the cast, seamlessly integrating the various voices into the audio support and editing the video when needed are only some of the aspects of the project management.

Indeed, the choice of the appropriate voice actor online is not limited to finding the right voice for your project. You also need to check if the voice actor online is a professional with a quality home studio, provides expert editing for the recording. For long-term projects, you will need to ensure that he or she will still be available for the next recordings as many voice actors online are using their skill as a side job while looking for a full-time position somewhere else.

Please have a look below at our recommendations per type of projects

  1. One off – single voice project in one language
    Definitely opt for selecting a voice actor online.
    Whether you are a creative with an audio or video project requiring a voice or a start-up in need of a recording to spruce up your presentation to potential investors, it makes perfect sense to limit the cost and invest the time to find the best match for your audio-visual project.
  2. One off – two voices project in one language
    This depends partly on your ability to mix the two separate voices from different sources. If you have the resources to that in-house, it is definitely the best option. Otherwise, you should carefully check if at least one of your chosen voice actor online has the technical knowledge to do that, or take into account the added cost of hiring a third party.
  3. Large cast project (3 or more voices) in one language
    Casting a large number of voice actors online is time-consuming and is only the first hurdle of the recording project management. The chances of problems grow exponentially as the number of voices increases. Achieving a quality end result is far more complex than just asking separate voice actor online to record their lines in isolation and then just stick the pieces of recording together. It also consists in ensuring that each of them will be available for correction, that the editor will be in constant contact with the project manager, that every single voice actor online will remain available for correction until the project is completed, that everyone will keep to their allotted schedule and that someone will know how to solve the unavoidable problem, technical or other, that will unavoidably crop up.

Definitely consider getting a quote for your entire project before embarking on such journey

  1. Multilanguage projects
    Managing a recording project in more than one language is not limited to just finding the right voice actor online. Before that comes finding translators who understand the need to adapt the translated text to the timing of the video, yet without detracting from the meaning. Then comes the recording. Then comes adapting the texts on the video that need to also be translated into the target language.
    For this kind of project, your best option is to go to a localization company that also provides voice recording services rather than opt for the voice actor online route.


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