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Why you should invest in localizing your video in 2018

Posted on January 7th, 2018 by patricia

Localizing videosThe absolute dominance of English as the Internet dominant language is dwindling fast and an ever-growing percentage of the global population is expecting to be able to access content, written or audio/visual, in their native language.

The combination of the ever increasing penetration rate of Broadband and Internet, reaching out to the most isolated region of the globe, online content, and especially mobile content, is now reaching an ever wider proportion of non-English speakers. In this context, non-English speakers mean people who have no notion of English at all.

Whilst the Internet was initially “reserved” to English speakers, whether as a first or a second language, with 80% of the Internet content in English in the mid 90’s, the percentage of English content was down to a little over 25% by June 2017.

Not only does this mean the English content now has to compete with an ever-widening competing native language original content, it also means that those with a limited mastery of English, who were ready to make the effort of consuming English content because it was the only option, are now relying more and more on content made available to them in their native language.

This means that localizing content into target language is of ever-increasing importance.

When looking at the growing market share of video content that is expected to soar in 2018, taking the different linguistic and cultural specificity of your viewer is now an absolute must!

When your video contains spoken words, localizing in all dominant languages of your target market is a must, lest you risk wasting creative and digital marketing resources in vain. For project including many languages, it is best to trust professional agencies that have the experience in managing multi-language localization projects, already have teams of voice-over talents, video editors, quality controllers etc.

In addition, as today 85% of Facebook videos are seen with the sound off – which reflects a tendency of short video viewing across all platform – adding localized captions to cater for the “silent” listeners will considerably increase your audience viewing time and your rate of return viewers.
Should you need help in localizing your audio/visual content, PerfectVoices provides localization in over 60 languages, from translation to recording and producing captions in target languages, as well as video editing when needed.

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