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Voices For Hire vs. Synthetic Voices

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 by patricia

Voices for hireBudget considerations when comparing the cost of synthetic voices and that of voices for hire should always take into consideration the loss of impact (and ensuing revenue) of selecting the cheapest option.

A September 2017 study on The Influence of Synthetic Voice on the Evaluation of a Virtual Character clearly indicates that

“… participants perceived the character as more understandable, expressive and liked their voice more when using the human than the synthetic voice. “

So it might be worthwhile to keep that in mind and trust voices for hire to convey your message rather than opting for synthetic voices.

Especially when considering the 5 major factors enabling the creation of an emotional connection with the talkers, the quality of the voices are crucial in:

  1. Forming an emotional connection
    This is the ultimate goal of any type of communication, whether commercial, educational, political, recreational or any other. An emotional connection adds weight to the content, makes it more memorable, increases the bond to the character and the desire to maintain the connection. Voices for hire matching the message you seek to convey are considerably more effective than a synthetic voice.
    The only way for R2D2, the robot hero of Star Wars, managed to gather such a large stardom is that it is surrounded by actual humans, and its synthetic voice is in constant interplay with human voices, lending it some of their humanity.
  2. Adding personality
    Nobody gets attached to a bland character. People who make a living of letting out their voices for hire typically have a rich register and have honed their tool to be able to successfully impersonate a large cast of characters
  3. Matching your brand or message voice
    Whether you are recording a commercial, a tutorial, an internal communication, a political message or need a voice for your online game character, you know what the voices you are looking for are meant to incarnate. Within the catalog of voices for hire, you will find those with the right timbre and accent to match your need.
  4. Reflecting the sound of your target audience
    The most effective way to connect with your audience is to present a mirror of who they are. Voices for hire are a powerful tool in that respect, as, by matching the tone of your target audience, you will ease them into paying close attention to your message.
  5. Sounding aspirational to your target market
    Every message is composed of both form and content. Whatever your content, availing yourself of the appropriate voice to elicit the trust of your audience is best achieved by relying on a professional voice for hire.


Synthetic voices are certainly very useful in a number of contexts, but they are still unable to achieve any of the 5 points above, so, if you do need to capture your audience attention, increase their retention rate or elicit an emotional response, you should opt for voices for hire to give a voice to your project.


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