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What We Do

Posted on January 8th, 2013 by admin


  • Voice

    • Voice Over

    Also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary, voice over is a production technique where a voice talent records a text that is superimposed to a video program. This technique is commonly used for documentaries, news reports and presentations. Continue to our Voice over Services

    • Lectoring

    Also known as “Voice Over Style Dubbing” or juxtareading, lectoring is particularly popular in Russia, Poland and the former USSR in general. Continue to lectoring Services

    • Narration

    Narratives are ubiquitous in today’s interconnected world. At Elrom-PerfectVoices, we pride ourselves in three elements: casting the optimum voice talent to match each narrative; providing the voice talent with the finest technology and direction, polishing with superlative sound editing.  Continue to narration Services

    • Dubbing

    Our native language is hard-wired into our brains, resonating at a deep emotional level. Dubbing binds the power of the visual display to our yearning for the sound of our mother tongue. Continue to dubbing Services

    • Lip-Sync

    Suspension of disbelief allows us to fully engage with a virtual reality on screen. Precise lip-syncing preserves the original authenticity, inviting the audience to a full immersion in the performance in their own language.
    Continue to lip-sync Services


  • Subtitles and Captioning

    • Subtitles

    Subtitles enable audiences to follow a program in a foreign language by reading the translation of the dialogues at the bottom on the screen while hearing the original audio recording.
    Subtitles come in various formats Continue to subtitles Services

    • Captioning

    With the increased awareness of the specific needs of hearing impaired people, subtitles are viewed as insufficient to cater for this particular audience. Continue to captioning Services


  • Translation

Translation for voice over, dubbing, Lip-Sync services, subtitling, captioning or gaming requires each category to have its own set of skills in addition to the regular skills needed for translation.Continue to translation Services


  • Sound & Music

    • Music

    Presentations, movies, documentaries, even tutorials, audio-guides or any form of audio or audiovisual medium, almost always include music to enhance the viewer/listener experience.
    Elrom-PerfectVoices offers you the options of

      • Choosing from its impressive catalog of recorded music or to opt for original music.
      • Opting for original music composed by our team of musicians and recorded by our seasoned sound technicians.

    • Sound Effects

    Some projects benefit from sound effects to achieve maximal impact on viewers. Elrom-PerfectVoices sound directors have access to our extensive catalog of sounds and will delight in integrating enhancing sound effects to your audio or audiovisual project.


  • Video – Editing

In addition to the inclusive post-production services pertaining to the audio side of your project, we can provide you with services in the video department.

    • Video Editing
    • Film trailer creation
    • Book trailer creation

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  • Formatting

Leave us the headache of translating your media into another format.  You can benefit from our skills and equipment even if you have nothing for us to dub, narrate or translate.

Just send us your content in VHS, DigiBeta, DAT, DVCam or any other digital or hard formats.  We will process it and clone it for you in any and all formats you request.
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  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

As a full service provider we offer not only the rental of digital cinema equipment but also the mastering of DCPs. Continue to DCP Services