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Posted on September 3rd, 2013 by Thierry Wieder

Captioning contains dialogue and audio cues such as music or sound effects that occur off-screen. The purpose of professional closed captioning services is to make video content accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and for other situations in which the audio cannot be heard due to noise or a need for silence.

Legislation requires the use of captioning in a growing number of audiovisual supports flourishing in America*, Europe, and Asia, so it is critical to ensure that programs are compatible with the legal captioning requirements of the target area of broadcasting! Even for programs exempt from the captioning requirements, it is worth keeping in mind that over 10% of the population is deaf or hard of hearing. Without captions, this audience will be lost.

Captioning is also used by a large number of non-native language speakers to help them better understand the programs they watch. By not captioning audio-visual products, a huge portion of the potential market is left out.Different syntaxes have evolved to maximize the efficiency of the flow of information thus added.

Elrom-PerfectVoices provides online closed captioning services for all existing formats any is at the forefront in adopting new captioning format when they are created so that you can trust ElromPerfectVoices to be able to caption your script into any format, however recent it is.

Elrom-PerfectVoices has captioned innumerable movies and programs, and its in-house team of translators, voice talents, and technicians will be happy to help you with your project big or small.

What Are the Benefits of Providing Video & Audio Captioning?

Accessibility to Deaf or Hard of Hearing

This is the best part of getting your video or audio captioned. It helps the ones who cannot hear at all or cannot hear properly due to one factor or the other. Through captioning, you can help them enjoy the video, eventually increasing your viewership.

Disability Discrimination Lawsuits Protection

This is very important and should not be ignored. It is now mandatory in most developed countries around the world and in a growing number of third-world countries to ensure that each and every individual is treated equally when it comes to viewership. By getting your video and audio captioned, you are protecting yourself from disability discrimination lawsuits.

Foreign Language Translation Option

If you want maximum views for your video or want that your video gets shared around the world regardless of language barriers, it is crucial to get your material captioned in a number of foreign languages. The ROI you will get from the localized version is worth every penny, as it either opens entire new audiences to your audio-visual productions or saves you the investment of producing entirely new material for each target audience.

Better Optimized Video for Google SERPs

When a video is captioned, it automatically gets optimized according to the algorithms of the search engines. In other words, you do not need to pay extra for the SEO as the captioning does the required job for you to quite an extent.

Great User Experience

Through affordable closed captioning services, you provide great viewing experience to all audiences, including hard of hearing viewers, hearing viewers who want to take a peek discreetly whilst at work, audiences who do not yet master the language and benefit from being to read what is being said. It also overcomes any difficulty to understand the spoken words due to regional accent or other particularities the viewer is unfamiliar with.