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Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by Thierry Wieder

What is a DCP?

DCP or Digital Cinema Package is a collection of various files such as sound, picture, metadata, and subtitles. These files are easily understood by a cinema server since he knows how to read and play them easily. It is more of a film print’s digital equivalent.

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) sets out the requirement for the creation of the DCPs. At Perfect Voices, we use completely DCI-compliant DVS Clipster suite which is the most reliable and fastest solution in the market.

What is a DCDM?

DCDM is an abbreviation for Digital Cinema Distribution Master. The DCDM provides the master elements that are uncompressed in nature which helps in the creation of the DCP.

What is a KDM?

KDM or Key Delivery Message is a type of electronic key which contains a code that unlocks an encrypted film. The reason encryption is enabled is due to the fact that a lot of films are getting stolen and duplicated these days.

DCPs are encrypted in such a way that they can be played only on a particular digital Cinema Server and that too at a time which is pre-determined. The KDM is sent to unlock the DCP for screening at the projection site.

Why Choose Perfect Voices For DCP?

  • To ensure maximum flexibility, DCPs are created on the Clipster from DVS.
  • Our in-house cinema is equipped with a Christie CP2210, a Doremi DCP-2K4 and a 5.1 sound system, which ensures uncompromising quality.
  • We offer the production of DCP copies and KDMs for cinema distribution.

Our Services Include:

  • DCP mastering from DCDM files (Digital Cinema Initiative Distribution Master)
  • DCP mastering from tape formats (for example, HDCAM SR)
  • DCP mastering from file formats (e.g. Quicktime, ProRes or TIFF sequences)
  • up to 4K resolution
  • full 3D support
  • Inserting titles, applying sound and subtitles to existing DCPs
  • Creation of unencrypted and encrypted DCPs
  • Quality check on Christie CP2210 Digital Cinema projector
  • Test on cinema servers from Doremi, Dolby, and Qube
  • Copying of DCPs on professional CRU Drives and Shipping
  • Generating KDMs and sending by e-mail
  • Provision of trailer and teaser DCPs on the ARRI Digital Cinema Distribution Portal