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Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by Thierry Wieder

Dubbing consists in substituting the voice of the actors shown on screen by the voice of different performers, known as voice talents .

Under a director’s supervision, professional actors or voice talent record replicas in the studio while watching the video feed on screen and listening to the original soundtrack.

The new audio segments are then synced with the existing footage, keeping the dubbed version as close as possible to the original.

For games and animation, dubbing is done on the original feed as well as for translation aimed at foreign language speaking audience.

A specialized translation is necessary for dubbing films, videos, television series, cartoons and anime or games, as the translated text has to both convey the original meaning and fit the original speech time.

Elrom-PerfectVoices has dubbed innumerable movies, programs and games and its in-house team of translators, voice talents and directors will be happy to help you with your project big or small.

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