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Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by Thierry Wieder

We offer the following types of subtitles services

  • Narrative subtitles

Narrative subtitles are the most common form of subtitles and have been used for generations to provide a translation of foreign movies and audiovisual programs. In narrative subtitles, the written equivalent of the spoken dialogue is displayed at the bottom of the screen and synced to the spoken word.

  • Forced subtitles

More common in documentaries and news reports, forced subtitles display the written translation of the dialogue spoken in a foreign language only, the remainder of the program in the local audience language does not have subtitles.

  • Content subtitles

The poor parent of subtitles, content subtitles are used almost exclusively by lower budget North American Secondary Movie Industry. Content subtitles consist in content dictation of elements missing from filmed action or dialogue. One of the best known examples is the opening of Star Wars.

  • Bonus subtitles

Bonus subtitles are an additional set of text blurbs that are added to DVDs. Often shown in popup or balloon form, they point out humorous blunders in the filming or background/behind-the-scenes information to what is appearing on screen.

  • 3D subtitles

3D subtitles combine the standard subtitle position along the X and Y axis of the picture, with a third position along the Z-axis. This third positioning allows the subtitle to “float” in front of the 3D image. This option is available in Digital Cinema and in 3D Blu-ray releases.

  • Sign language (currently only available in Hebrew)

Sign language is the use of a signer for an audio-visual program. The signer usually appears in the bottom corner of the screen, with the program being broadcast full size or slightly shrunk away from that corner.


Elrom-Perfect Voices has subtitled innumerable movies and programs, and its in-house team of translators, voice talents and directors will be happy to help you with your project big or small.

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