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Voice Over

Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by Thierry Wieder

Voice Over (VO) artists are the backbone of any audiovisual project or translation of an original audio-visual document recorded directly with the actor’s voices. Today, when people use the expression “The Voice of …”, they refer also to the tone, pitch and timbre of the actual voice heard on audio and audiovisual documents pertaining to the company or entity. A professional voice over artist will give life to your project, or, in case of translation of an original series or movie, perfectly mimic the feel and tone of the original actors.
Voice Over Artists are the very soul of any project. For corporate presentation or any educational material, they are key to keeping the audience glued to the screen. For dubbing projects, they ensure that your foreign language audience will enjoy both your production and the feeling of familiarity so crucial to captivate them.

ElromPerfectVoices provides Voice Over Services online in many languages for

  • Documentaries
  • TV Series
  • Reality shows
  • News Reports
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials
  • eLearning modules
  • Other

Why do You Need Voice Over (VO) Artists for Your Projects?

  • To Impersonate Characters

A professional voice over recording artist has the special talent of getting into the soul of the character for which he/she is giving his/her voice. They are talented actors who understand the nuances of the character and lend their voice to reflect all the personality traits of that person.

  • To Engage Your Audience

Regardless of the type of project you hire a VO artist for, you have to be able to trust your chosen VO artist to fully engage your audience. Their voice is the well-honed tool that will convey your message or your content and needs to be able to, through the effective use of tone and pitch, to express any emotion and to clearly articulate to ensure an easy understanding of every single word.

  • To Increase Interest

Gone are the days when anyone could just stand in front of a captive audience and speak in a monotone, mumbling and dull voice for hours on end. Today, with the audience short attention span and the fierce competition in all audio and audio-visual fields, an engaging and well-trained voice is an essential part of keeping your audience.
A professional Voice Over artist will provide you with exactly that. A crystal clear and engaging test delivery, imbued with the right emotions at the right time.

In the course of the last three decades, ElromPerfectVoices has produced voice over for innumerable movies and programs and its in-house team of translators, voice talents, and directors will be happy to help you with your project big or small.