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Company Profile

Posted on January 14th, 2013 by admin

Elrom-PerfectVoices is renowned worldwide for the high-quality of all services related to sound management, whether dubbing, voice over, narration or sound effects and music, as well as subtitling and post-production services.

When Elrom Studios and PerfectVoices Ltd. Merged in 2009, Elrom brought to the table over 30 years of experience in dubbing and subtitling for all major players of the movie industry, state-of-the-art recording studios with the latest and constantly updated equipment and its team of translators specialized in translating for dubbing and subtitling purposes.

Completing Elrom’s impressive list of achievements, PerfectVoices contributed its massive international voice talent catalog, built over 25 years of mining the world of actors and narrators across the globe, its extensive experience in localization productions and its proficiency in project management.

With their combined skills and resources, Elrom-PerfectVoices caters to the needs of both the entertainment world and the corporate universe. From movies to multimedia, games and mobile TV, video presentations and audio books, Elrom-PerfectVoices subtitles, dubs, records and repurposes content in all languages with speed, skill and accuracy at affordable rates.

With studios in New York and Tel Aviv, Elrom-PerfectVoices’ pool of international voices benefits from the irresistible pull of these two international cities on actors and voice talents from all over the world. The constant influx of fresh voices enables Elrom-PerfectVoices studios to record in-house with a varied array of voices in over 40 languages.

Elrom-PerfectVoices partnered with carefully vetted studios all over the world to ensure that recordings produced with our partners abroad meet our exacting quality standards. This extensive network enables Elrom-PerfectVoices to provide all services in every language.